Sukiyaki (すき焼き): My Favorite Dish to Eat When I’m Missing Japan


Sukiyaki is another one of my favorite Japanese dishes. My tabletop stove gets a lot of use, as we make Nabe (Japanese hot pot) often in our home. 😉

I can’t decide which hot pot I like the most, but I think Sukiyaki is probably my husband’s favorite. With Sukiyaki you dip the meat and vegetables into raw egg as you eat. So we typically go to our nearby farmers market to buy fresh eggs which we can safely eat raw. We don’t use eggs purchased from the local grocery stores, out of an abundance of caution.

Doesn’t the meat in the raw egg look so yummy? I think many Americans are fearful of raw egg, but you should definitely try, it taste so good! But just make sure you buy fresh eggs from a local farmers market. And be sure to check with them that it’s safe to eat raw.

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