A Hot Summer Day Calls For This Refreshing Chinese Cold Noodle Dish: Hiyashi Chuka

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When the weather is becoming like Summer, it makes me think of one of my favorite Chinese-style cold noodle dishes, which is called “Hiyashi-Chuka (冷やし中華)” in Japanese. The word “Hiyashi (冷やし)” means “cold” and the word “Chuka (中華)” means “Chinese” in Japanese, so “Hiyashi-Chuka” literally means “Cold Chinese”.

The dish is basically some vegetables and meat on top of egg noodles which are cooled after being boiled, and it is usually served with either sesame dressing or soy sauce-based dressing. It’s difficult for me to pick which one is my favorite, but the below photo is when I served it with a soy sauce-based dressing.

The ingredients I used were Mizuna-leaves, ham, char siu, imitation crab meat, cherry tomatoes, wood ear mushrooms, and boiled eggs. Shredded cucumber is more commonly used for this dish instead of Mizuna. I also sometimes include Edamame for the green color. And also you could swap the boiled eggs with shredded pan-fried egg.

I paired it with my favorite yet really easy to make egg rolls. They are really simple. Simply wrap prawns, shredded cheese, and a Japanese Shiso herb leaf with each egg roll sheet and deep fry them! I bet it gives you a smile with your first bite. Please enjoy! 😉

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