Oysters – Raw or Fried and with Panko or Flour?

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The ways to have oysters

When I get a chance to have oysters, there comes a difficult decision to make…should I have them raw with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and some sea salt sprinkles, or dress them with some Panko (パン粉 – bread crumbs) or flour and make them into some juicy fried oysters? The decision is really hard for me as I really love both ways to have them. I would like to hear what your favorite way to have oysters is. Raw, deep-fried, pan-fried, or…?

Next decision

So this time, I decided to make them into fried oysters. I dressed them with some flour but when you use Panko (パン粉 – bread crumbs), it will be called Kaki-furai (カキフライ) in Japanese. It’s all about your preference which one to use but with flour, the process is more simple as you just put some sea salt and black pepper and then dress them with some it compare to the process with Panko as you put flour, beaten egg, and then Panko in order after putting some salt and pepper. To be honest, I like it with Panko better because you get the crunchier texture when you bite it, but I wanted to have them in a different way than usual.

And now, here is the next decision. What is your choice of sauce when you have fried oysters? Tartar sauce or Tonkatsu sauce? Or chili sauce or even ketchup?? My favorite way is actually with soy sauce😋 To me, it’s a perfect combination! Please try it if you haven’t and let me know how you liked it! 😉

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