Japanese Homemade Shabu Shabu Hot Pot – From My Kitchen

Do you know how easy it is to enjoy Shabu Shabu at home? All you need is a tabletop stove, which you can easily purchase at a Japanese supermarket or even on Amazon.

Like this one:

These are very common in Japan and used throughout winter when the entire family gathers around a nice warm pot of Japanese soul food.

Most of the effort is in the preparation, which is quite easy. Just chop and clean vegetables. Don’t you love the colors of the meat and vegetables in this photo? I’m getting hungry just looking at this photo while writing this post. I guess I will need to make a Japanese hot pot again soon.

The tricky part is finding a butcher or grocery store to slice the Shabu Shabu meat for you. Japanese supermarket is the easiest option, as you can find prepared meat, specifically for Shabu Shabu.

If you have any questions on where to buy these things or need advice, please comment below.

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