Curry Powder is Such a Useful Ingredients – Asian Fusion

Spice Curry Powder

I love all the creative ways you can prepare dishes with chicken. This is a fusion dish, with Japanese and Indian flavors. I use a mix of curry powder and other spices to prepare this chicken.

Did you know consuming curry powder can give you so many benefits such as fighting cancer, combating Alzheimer’s disease, reducing inflammation, battling bacteria, boosting your bones, aiding digestion, etc? How great, isn’t it?
And the smell of the spice also boosts your appetite.

I serve this dish with healthy Japanese miso soup with tofu, cabbage with Shio Konbu & oil seasoning, and some Japanese side dishes (also called Fukusai).

When I create these dishes I start with the main and then work around it, by adding different colors into the dish which match the taste. I try to target at least 15 different ingredients and at least 5 colors in the dish.

If you would like this recipe, please check it out from here:

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