Making Sushi Is Easier Than You Think! (Homemade Sushi Rolls – 巻き寿司)

Makizushi Sushi -

Homemade Sushi rolls

My cravings drove me to make homemade Sushi rolls for the first time😋

They may look a little difficult to make yourself, but it’s actually easier than most of you think.

As it was my first attempt to make Sushi rolls myself, they don’t look perfect and there were some errors in the process, I admit, but it’s ok as it was fun and most importantly it made my stomach content :)💕

Tool to make Sushi rolls

When you make Sushi rolls, you need this special tool called Makisu (巻きす).

Makisu Sushi Rolls Tool



The green part which is a flat surface is where you put rice and stuff against, and the other side (white side) which has rounded surfaces is gonna be the bottom side when you roll.


  • Short Grain Rice
  • Nori Seaweed
  • Your desired ingredients to roll with rice

    This time I picked salmon (サーモン) and albacore (ハマチ) for the fish. And other ingredients I used were cucumbers and Japanese style omelet (玉子焼き -Tamagoyaki-).
    You could use/add avocados, Japanese Taku-an pickles (たくあん), imitation crab meat (カニカマ), Shiso herb (大葉), Tobikko (とびっこ), radish sprouts (カイワレ大根), etc.

Steps to make Sushi rolls

1. Place Makisu in the correct way

The flat side up and the rounded side down, and the end of the strings should be on the side which is farther away from you. Like this:

2. Place Nori seaweed

The rough side of Nori should be facing you. Like this:

3. Place rice on Nori

The cooked rice can be either Sushi rice (cooked rice mixed with vinegar and sugar) or regular rice. It should be short-grain rice.

4. Spread the rice

Spread the rice evenly by using your fingers. Leave the space about 1 inch in the top area on the Nori like in the picture.

5. Place Sashimi fish and other ingredients

The fish has to be fresh Sashimi-grade and cut into thin long rectangle shapes. Place them in the middle of the spread rice. Like this:

6. Roll

Hold the bottom part of the Makisu and start rolling. Lightly hold and support the ingredients with your other hand when you roll, like in the pictures below.

*Important tip
When you roll it, the key is to try to do it tightly so it doesn’t fall apart and the inside toppings won’t come out when you cut it into small pieces when you serve.

After you successfully finished with the first roll part, hold it with both hands and put some pressure on it as you try to make the roll tight and stable. Like this:

Then take the end of the Makisu which you just moved to roll, like this (the right hand is doing it in the picture.):

And hold it up with one hand and try to roll the rest by pushing and rolling forward with another hand like these:

After you successfully finished rolling, hold it with your both hands and put some pressure on it as you try to make the roll tight and stable just like the previous step. Like this:

7. You made Sushi roll!

Ta-da! You made your Sushi roll yourself! Congratulations!! Now please proudly move on to the last step 😉

7. Cut and serve

Now your Sushi roll is waiting to be cut and served. Enjoy looking at the beautiful cut surface you made!

Time to enjoy!

Dip it in soy sauce mixed with a little amount of Wasabi. Be careful not to soak it in the soy sauce pool 😉

– Eat Well, Be Happy-

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