Food is Enjoyable With Your Eyes And Mouth (Colorful Tuna Salad)

colorful tuna salad -

Colorful dish

I love a dish like this colorful tuna salad that has many colors (but not artificial colors though.) because I can enjoy the beauty of the dish with my eyes and it makes me into a bright mood before I enjoy the taste of it. I feel like it could even be considered as a course meal itself as you enjoy the look first with your eyes, then enjoy it with your mouth next 🙂

One of the things I do and enjoy, when I make some dishes, is trying to make them look beautiful. To me, cooking is one of my artistic works. The biggest part of the art is when I serve on a plate and decorate the food I just finished making, but it’s not only that and there are many other parts to enjoy the artistic sides along the whole process of cooking dishes. I’m often mesmerized by the beauty of the natural colors of food like vegetables and fruits.

All the colors are pretty and they look beautiful! Do you agree?

Colorful Tuna Salad

So this night, I was really excited when I made this colorful tuna salad as I was cutting all the ingredients which were avocado, onion, yellow paprika, and red paprika while I was feeling like I was getting all the bright energy from all the beautiful vivid colors of them. It was really fun as well to see each color were getting layered one by one on top of other colors when they were being served on the plate.

I love this dish because it checks so many boxes off as it gives you extra fun when you are preparing, has the beautiful combination of all the colors for your eyes to enjoy, it also tastes really good when all the ingredients are mixed together with the dressing in your mouth, and furthermore, it gives you all the different vitamins and other important nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, magnesium, calcium, omega 3, protein, etc.

Yummy to your eyes and also to your mouth💗
It’s perfect, isn’t it?! 😁
What is your perfect dish in any way? Please share it in the comment section below!

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