Rice Vinegar (Organic)


Japanese organic rice vinegar. This is often used in making salad dressing and used in a variety of Japanese dishes.

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  • Organic Rice Vinegar – Kosher – USDA Certified Organic, Sodium Free, Sugar Free – 4.2 Percent Acidity – (Single)
  • Rice vinegar, also referred to rice wine vinegar, is made by fermenting the sugars in rice first into alcohol, and then into acid. Compared to white distilled vinegar, rice vinegar is less acidic with a delicate, mild, and somewhat sweet flavor.
  • Try adding some of this Rice Vinegar to your cuisine such as, salads, stir fri, veggies, chicken, meat, and even fish. Rice Vinegar adds just the touch of flavor to spruce up just about anything you add it to.
  • Rice Vinegar is the perfect ingredient to perk up or heighten flavors in those divine dishes you create. Rice Vinegar can be used in place of more tart vinegar’s when you want to soften the edges of a dressing or a marinade.
  • Our Rice Vinegar is Organic, Kosher Certified, Sodium and Sugar free.

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