Deviled Eggs – My Favorite Party Finger Food

Deviled eggs -

Do you love deviled eggs? Yes, I LOVE eggs! And deviled eggs are probably one of my favorite ways to have eggs. I love this dish, as it’s great as a side or as an appetizer, because they look so pretty. And the best part is that they are really easy to make!

The ingredients and the cooking process are really simple as you just need rice vinegar, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, salt & pepper, and paprika powder other than eggs. And take the yorks out of the boiled eggs and mix them with all the ingredients except paprika powder, and then put it in the holes where all the yorks were. It’s done once you put some paprika powder on top of them. How easy!

The mayonnaise can be just regular American ones, but I recommend you to try using Japanese mayonnaise for this recipe. The result is gonna be much deeper taste in my opinion 😉
If you want to simply make Japanese version of mayonnaise, here is the easy recipe! Homemade Japanese Mayonnaise Recipe

As eggs are almost too rich in all those nutrients, I’m trying to limit to 1 egg per day to have, but when I get a chance to have deviled eggs, I take it as an exception ;P

What is your exception in eating?

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