Juicy and Tender Chicken + Soy Sauce + Tartar Sauce = Almost Too Perfect! (Japanese Chicken Namban)

Japanese Chicken Namban with Tartar Sauce - EATwithOHASHI.com

This dish is inspired by the Japanese chicken Namban (チキン南蛮) dish which is originally from Miyazaki, Japan.
I think this is one of my favorite Japanese chicken dishes and when I think about it, my mouth gets watery. I love the combination of the chicken in soy sauce based sauce and the tartar sauce. Mmmmmmm♡♡♡

I started missing chicken Namban lately, so decided to make this “chicken Namban-ish” dish to satisfy my craving.

Original chicken Namban is with battered and deep-fried chicken with the sauce, but I wanted to make it simpler and easier this time. The result, to be honest, was so good!! I could eat it every day! Seriously 🙂

What is your favorite chicken dish? Please tell me in the comment section! 😀

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