My Easy to Make Meat and Vegetable Combination Dish – Asparagus Wrapped with Pork Belly

Thinly sliced pork wrapped around Asparagus

Here is another one of my original creations, mixing tasty vegetables with meat. Since my husband is American, he loves a lot of meat in his meals, which is not so common with Japanese dishes. Of course, we have meat in many of our dishes, but it’s not the primary ingredient in the dish. So I thought to make this dish one day, and it was a big hit in our home.

The combination of the very juicy pork with the crunch of the asparagus is fantastic! I also love the color combination and how it looks when served with other garnishes. Mouthwatering goodness!

This could be an appetizer, but I usually make it as the main dish with Japanese sides (e.g. white rice, miso soup with tofu, or served over a bed of cabbage with cherry tomatoes!

If interested in the recipe, please comment below. What creations have you made with Asparagus, please share as I would love to try!

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