My Attempt to Make Shoyu Ramen from Scratch at Home – Soooo Good!

Soy Sauce Broth Ramen with Pork and Egg

I’ve been craving authentic and good-tasting ramen, ever since I moved to the US. There are some good ramen spots in Los Angeles, but you always have to drive such a long distance to enjoy, and that’s no fun in LA traffic. So I’ve started making this Shoyu Ramen (醤油ラーメン) from scratch at home. It’s already my 3rd attempt and thought I would blog about it.

I always love eating delicious food which someone else makes for you, but it’s also great and important to make the dish yourself and experience the process so that you know what goes into making that delicious bowl of goodness. By doing it, you quickly learn how much effort it really requires and the craft that goes into it.

And I also have to say, that I’m really glad I’ve found this legit Ramen noodle after all the disappointments with those Ramen noodles you can buy in your local grocery stores. Even the Japanese supermarkets can sometimes not deliver on this one. I wouldn’t say this is the best noodle, but for the convenience of being able to purchase from your local Whole Foods, or have it delivered to your door, you can’t go wrong.

I usually get them at WholeFoods, but in case you don’t have a Whole Foods near you, you can also order through their website here.

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  1. This looks so delicious! I recently discovered Japanese authentic ramen in my city and it’s amazing. Will you share the recipe of this? I would love to try to make this at home.

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