This Dish Immediately Transports Me to Singapore! – Simple, yet Tasty Singaporean Soulfood

Super yummy Singaporean soul food! Recently I’ve been craving Hainanese Chicken rice. It’s been so long since I have visited Singapore and since it seems there is no chance to go there anytime soon due to Covid19, I decided to try making Hainanese Chicken Rice from scratch. This was my first attempt.

It was a success and it made me really happy! My husband also loved it. He used to travel a lot to Singapore for business and said, it’s better than any Hainanese Chicken Rice he has ever had in Singapore. ;P

One of the most important parts of this dish is the rice. You have to get that proper taste of the rice otherwise, you can’t call it Hainanese Chicken rice. That’s the secret!

I wish I got a better picture of this dish. However, the color of the chicken in the Hainanese Chicken Rice is often a very bland looking color, but the taste definitely makes up for the somewhat boring appearance of this dish.

Enjoy! If you are interested in the recipe, please show your love with some comments below. Thanks!

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