Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe – Easy and Fun Activity for the Kids

Dark and White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we thought, why not let the kids make some homemade chocolate-covered strawberries. This is a super easy and fun activity that teaches your little ones about heat, fire, boiling water, and how to turn a solid into a liquid. STEM activity which includes strawberries and chocolate…yay!

All that you need for this, is a few chocolate bars, some strawberries, a deep pot, and a metal or a glass bowl that can easily fit and float in boiling water inside the deep pot. Most of the activity is the prep work and a little bit of execution on melting your chocolate and dipping in strawberries.

The ingredients:

Strawberries: In our household, most of the food we consume is organic, especially if it’s a fruit, where we will consume the skin. So we stopped by our local Whole Foods to pick up a bundle of strawberries.

Chocolate: For the chocolate, we went with our go to brand Ghirardelli. We picked up some baking chips in White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate 60% Cacao. We regularly eat this chocolate (we go with either 72% or 86% Cacao) for the health benefits, usually one a day with our morning cappuccino. It makes for a perfect pairing and a good morning blast of antioxidants. I’ll include some links below. The kids also enjoy eating it. They have already become chocolate snobs, as they dislike the usual kid candy (Twix, Snickers, etc.), which is fantastic!

The Prep:

Now this is where the kids get to have some fun in the kitchen. They get to practice washing the strawberries and hand drying them with paper towels. Once dry, they are set aside on a plate or a large cooking sheet/tray. If you bought chocolate in the chip form, there is nothing to prep, but if you purchased chocolate bars, then you will want to chop up the chocolate into small pieces. This can be fun for the kids, but be sure to supervise.

The Execution:

Now fill your large pot with water (about half full). This is so that the metal bowl can float in the water. Put the heat on high to boil water and place the metal bowl in the deep pot so that it’s floating on the top. At this point you can put the chocolate into the metal bowl.

The kids will enjoy watching the chocolate slowly melt and turn from a solid to a liquid. Once it’s in liquid form, they will then dip their strawberries into the chocolate and then lay them back onto their plate or cookie sheet. Repeat for each strawberry until complete. If you want to use a different chocolate (white chocolate), then swap out the bowl and repeat the same process.

Once you are done, then place the strawberries in the fridge to quickly cool the chocolate. Let them sit in the fridge for an hour or more and then consume your tasty chilled chocolate-covered strawberry.

Super simple and fun. And surely you will eat them in a fraction of the time you spent making them. That’s always a good sign that you made something good. For the more creative types. Consider drizzling the dark or white chocolate onto the previous dipped dark or white chocolate to give your strawberries a unique look and style.

Eat Well, Be Happy!

Dark and White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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