Japanese Fruit Sando (フルーツサンド) with Matcha Latte – Japanese Sweets

Strawberry Cream Sandwich

I really miss Japanese sweet shops and cafes, ever since moving to the US. In Tokyo, they are literally everywhere. Well, actually, everything is literally everywhere. 😉 There are some good bakeries and cake shops here in LA (I like 85 degrees, a Taiwanese bakery shop with several locations in Los Angeles). But unfortunately, there are not many options for Japanese sweet shops here.

And honestly speaking, the cakes and sweets here are too sugary and sweet for Japanese taste. We like a more subtle and less sweet taste. Sweet but not too sweet. Just the perfect balance. We want to enjoy the flavor of the ingredients individually.

So I have started to experiment with making sweets at home. This is my first attempt at making Japanese Fruit Sando. It was a perfect match with my Matcha latte, made with this product!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below!

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