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Welcome to EATwithOHASHI! If you love food, you found the right place. It’s simply because we do as well, and that’s the reason for why we created this website. I’m from Japan and my husband is American. I’m also the mother of two little precious monsters 😉

Although my husband and I are from different countries, our love for food is a perfect match, and one of the biggest topics that we talk about is food and how to find and enjoy good food. We have enjoyed food all over the world. We have lived in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the US, and have traveled to more than 40 countries. Most of our travels are food-driven, as we spend a lot of time researching where we want to go and what we want to eat. That is typically what controls the agenda. We have taken many photos and have documented the gems we have found during our travels. We share those with you in our Foodie Life blog. Be sure to check out that section of our site.

We LOVE eating, cooking, trying new food, and checking out new restaurants. Since we are world travelers, we also enjoy getting to know the local food in the countries we visit and take an interest in learning how to make these wonderful dishes.

I see cooking as an artistic creation/expression and so I enjoy the process from start to finish. I enjoy deciding on which dish to make, picking out ingredients, choosing plates to serve the dish on, preparing all the ingredients, and finally, making the dish!

This website’s intention is to share our love for food and all the food we make and eat!

We hope EATwithOHASHI will be your go-to website for cooking tips, food ideas, and recipes!


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