Welcome to my website!! I’m so happy you are here. This site is my personal food blog, where I post photos of the food I cook as well as delicious yummy food that I enjoy on my journey through life.

What is Ohashi??

Ohashi is the Japanese word for Chopsticks. So basically my site means Eat With Chopsticks! We love Asian food so much and most of the dishes I prepare are Asian, so of course I recommend to eat them with chopsticks. 😉

But pretty much any food can be eaten with chopsticks. They are an extremely versatile eating utensil, and you don’t have to limit using them only to Asian food.

So, how did this site get started??

My husband and I love food more than anything else. Food is a social thing, it brings people together, and when you are in good company with good food, you need nothing more.

My husband couldn’t resist creating this site for me to share my dishes and their recipes with the world. I’m a bit busy these days raising my son, but I will try to post new dishes and recipes when I can. And I’m sure my husband will also post from time to time.

Make sure to stay in touch!

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Thanks again for coming and I hope you enjoy my site!

– Sumiyo Bellendir