Sesame Goma Dressing on Chicken

Goma Dressing (Japanese Sesame Dressing)

April 23, 2021 EATwithOHASHI.COM 0

My addictive Japanese Goma dressing goes well with chicken, vegetables, and salads! You can find Goma dressing at some asian supermarkets, but why not make it yourself. Use the best ingredients and make an organic, NO MSG sauce at home!

Spicy Miso Mayonnaise Dipping Sauce

Spicy Miso Mayonnaise Dipping Sauce

February 23, 2021 EATwithOHASHI.COM 0

A very easy to make Japanese dipping sauce with simple ingredients! I regularly make this to enjoy with cool fresh vegetables on a hot summer day. The taste goes well with pretty much any type of vegetable.

Japanese Mayonnaise with Broccoli

Organic Japanese Mayonnaise

February 9, 2021 EATwithOHASHI.COM 0

My recipe for homemade Japanese Organic Mayonnaise. You can easily make this at home with very few ingredients you probably already have. Perfect for use on a variety of dishes as dipping sauce or to add flavor.