A Guide to Japanese Ingredients

Here is the list of common ingredients I use to cook my food. In order to make good and authentic Japanese food, you will need to purchase these from a local Japanese store or online. I link some products on Amazon if there are availabilities. Korean/Chinese grocery stores also carry some of these products.

だし dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp.)

This is the secret of Umami. You don’t need to add MSG to have Umami taste.

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醤油/しょうゆ shoyu (soy sauce)

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酢/す su (vinegar)

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味醂/みりん mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)

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酒 sake/料理酒 Ryorishu (Cooking sake)

マヨネーズ Mayonnaise – Japanese mayonnaise tastes a bit different from other ones like more sour.

I assume you think of Kewpie brand mayonnaise when you hear “Japanese mayonnaise”. There is no doubt that Kewpie mayonnaise tastes good! But I personally prefer other brand ones which don’t contain MSG. And if I can’t get one of those, I just make that regular American mayonnaise into Japanese mayonnaise with some super easy secret tips. The recipe is gonna be posted soon so be sure to stay tuned!

胡麻油/ごま油 Goma-Abura (Toasted/Roasted Sesame Oil)

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春巻きの皮 Harumaki-no-Kawa (Spring roll wrappers)

As I’m generally trying to use organic ingredients as much as I can when I cook, I at least try to find a additives free stuff when I can’t get an organic product of the item. And this egg roll wraps I’ve recently found at a local store made me happy as it doesn’t contain any additives such as Sodium Benzoate which is often used as a preservative for most of those egg roll wrap products. The surface is not gonna be smooth texture when you fry it but I prefer not to have those toxic additives into my body. 😉 You can find this at Ralphs or Target.

春雨/はるさめ Harusame (Thin noodles made from bean starch)

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片栗粉/かたくり粉 Katakuriko (Potato starch)

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鰹節/かつお節 Katsuobushi (Dried bonito flakes)

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味噌/みそ Miso (Fermented condiment made from soybeans)

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こんにゃく Konnyaku (Konjac)


海苔/のり Nori (Dried black sea weed sheet)

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パン粉 Panko (Breadcrumbs)

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いりごま(白) Irigoma (Roasted white sesame seeds)

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豆腐/とうふ Tofu (Bean-curd)

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つゆの素 Tsuyu-no-moto (Soy sauce mixed with soup stock made from fish and kelp)

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ポン酢 Ponzu

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白だし Shiro-Dashi

とんかつソース Tonkatsu-sauce

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お好みソース Okonomi-Sauce

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大葉/おおば Oba (Japanese Shiso herb leave green)

梅干/うめぼし Umeboshi (Dried Japanese plum)

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しいたけ Shiitake (Shiitake mushroom)

わかめ Wakame (Seaweed)

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青海苔/あおのり Aonori (Dried green sea weed powder)

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