Umeboshi (Dried Plums) Kishu Nanko-Ume (Imported from Japan)


Umeboshi, which are dried plums, produced by the premier brand “KISHU NANKO-UME”. 100% Low Sodium, No Artificial Sweetener, No Chemical Color Additive. 5.29oz

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  • Japanese Dried plums -Shiso Herb Blend-
  • Not only using the premier brand “Kishu Nanko-ume” 100%, but also using only the top grade(Grade A) of all Kishu Nanko-ume. Soft and juicy Umeboshi Plums. It is delicious with any Japanese foods and also Umeboshi sauce goes well with Chicken fillet. You can make Umeboshi sauce for shabushabu, Umeboshi Miso Mayonnaise sauce for salad. It increases the variety of dishes as well as Japanese food.
  • Dried plums are a common pickle in Japan that goes well with white rice. Dried plums in Japan, come in a variety of shapes and softness depending on where they are produced, but the soft and large plums are rich & tasty. Japanese people have their own favorite style of umeboshi, such as adding them to ochazuke or onigiri.
  • Not salty, Tasty Japanese Soft Plum, Umeboshi. The plums, made in the fullness of nature, have a soft and melty skin. The sun-drying, harvesting, and pickling processes are all done by hand.
  • Umeboshi from Wakayama prefecture in Japan. This umeboshi is produced in Wakayama Prefecture, as known as a land of mountains and water where the hometown of dried plums in Japan.
  • In March, the Plum Blossom Festival is a common event in Japan. At the festival, many plum dishes are served. The aroma of plum blossoms fills the air, and the season of plum blossoms reminds Japanese people that spring will soon be here.
  • Using The Premier Brand “KISHU NANKO-UME” 100%
  • Low Sodium, No Artificial Sweetener, No Chemical Color Additive
  • 5.29oz

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