Katakuriko (Potato Starch) Organic


Katakuriko is often used as a thickener for such as Ankake dishes or as batter for deep-fried dishes. I recommend this product because it’s organic as I prefer consuming organic potato products since generally Agent Orange kind of chemical substance is used in the process to grow potatoes.

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  • A ‘SPUDTACULAR’ ADDITION TO ANY PANTRY: Our delicious, all-natural organic potato starch is a fantastic grain-free addition to any kitchen. Carefully crafted using organically grown potatoes, this healthy substance is ideal for cooking, baking & more.
  • THE PERFECT THICKENING AGENT: Because it has a neutral flavor and a translucent appearance, our organic potato starch is perfect for adding to any dish as a thickener without having to worry about it affecting its appearance or flavor in any way. It can be used for frying, baking and gnocchi.
  • PERFECTLY PACKAGED: Our organic potato starch is carefully packaged and ready to use in a convenient resealable bag. Simply slide the bag open, scoop out the perfect amount of healthy cornstarch substitute and easily reseal it to keep it fresher longer.
  • IDEAL FOR BAKING, COOKING & MORE: This delicious and healthy cornstarch alternative is grain-free with very little texture, a neutral taste and a translucent appearance, making it perfect for adding to any baked goods or foods that you create.
  • LOVE IT GUARANTEE: We understand that you have placed your trust in us to provide you with the best quality, healthiest and most delicious organic potato starch and offer a 100% guarantee of your enjoyment of this healthy and tasty cornstarch substitute.

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