My Love of Spicy Korean Food – Bibimbap – A Healthy Spicy Rice Bowl with Vegetables

Bibimbap Korean Dish

I love this Korean dish and it’s something that both my husband and I miss eating in Japan. There are so many good Korean restaurants in Tokyo, as there is a very large Korean population in the city of Shinjuku (specifically in an area called Okubo). You can enjoy some amazing Bibimbap in that town.

Bibimbap is served in either a metal cooled bowl or a very hot stone bowl, that continues to cook the food while you eat it. This is what gives the rice that nice crunchy texture, which my husband and I like. We have recently purchased a few of these stone bowls, so that we can now heat them up and serve this dish in this authentic Korean way.

We purchased ours at a local store, but if you are not near an Asian or Korean supermarket, you can easily buy one online. Here is an example:

It’s another fairly easy dish to make, as it just requires some basic prep and cooking steps. It’s typically served with each ingredient separated in a nice beautiful colorful presentation. You then mix it all up and enjoy the goodness. Check the photos below!

Eat Well, Be Happy!

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