Ebi Mayo (prawn Mayonaise)

Ebi Mayo




One of my favorite prawn dishes! So yummy!! I bet you will be addicted if you had this once!!


•10 of Black tiger shrimps or prawns
•salt & pepper
Katakuriko (potato starch)
•sesame oil or salad oil

[mayonnaise sauce]
•4 big spoons of mayonnaise
•2 tea spoons of ketchup
•1 tea spoon of sugar
•1 tea spoon of vinegar
•2 tea spoons of milk
→mix these well


•dry-powdered parsley

How to make:

1.Get rid of prawn’s head and shells, and devein the prawn.
(I left their tails for the looks. )

2.Put cut on the prawn from their back until the middle.
(Not necessary, I did this for the looks. )

3.Wipe the prawn with paper towel to get rid of the water on the surface, then put salt&pepper on them and make them light covered with potato starch powder.

4.stir fry/deep fry them with sesame oil or salad oil.

5.Put the prawn and the mayonnaise sauce in a frying pan and stir them with week heat for a little bit.

6.Put them on a plate and powder the parsley a little on.